RedCap Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, is a chain of pharmacies operated by professionally-trained pharmacists. Formerly known as Exquisite Healthcare Sdn Bhd (operated under the brand name of D’Apotic Pharmacy), which started out as a small group of stores around Johor Bahru in 1999, it was rebranded on the 16th of March 2016 into what you know today — RedCap Pharmacy.

With over

  • 20


  • &

  • 150


in Johor and Selangor to date, 
we are fast becoming one of the most preferred pharmacy brands among a large number of Johoreans,
Singaporeans and many other communities as we grow rapidly in the Klang Valley area.


We, at RedCap Pharmacy, are passionate about the well-being of our customers and strive to be the most trusted pharmacy chain in the neighborhood by providing effective care for your health and wellness. We are committed, supportive, and want the best for you just like your family would, because RedCap Pharmacy is your service-led community pharmacy.